Joint Open Access Center (JOAC) provides an opportunity to take advantage of the equipment and / or services provided by the JOAC partners to conduct science research and experiments as well as receive consultation on technological expansion and science research.

Joint Open Access Center was established to:

  • Effectively use Research and Development (R&D) resources provided by educational institutions and companies;
  • Expand the spectrum and volume of R&D services provided by institutions and companies;
  • Develop partnerships with parties involved in R&D activity in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Promote science research result commercialization, advocate innovation culture and stimulate the spread of science knowledge and technological innovations;
  • Create a favourable environment for high level fundamental and applied science research as well as technical advancements by combining private and organizational R&D resources.

You can find all the services and equipment provided by JOAC here.

Joint Open Access Center was established in cooperation between Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology and TERAVIL. If you would like to become a JOAC partner by providing services or / and equipment please email us: